As from 8th Feb 2008, Microsoft have finally released its MMS protocol specification ! Along with a lot of other documents on their website for all to read and download. We have waited about 7 years for this.

This is a major breakthrough and it basically means the SDP Team no longer needs to continue its work trying to figure out how MMS actually works. That also means there will be no further updates to our MMS protocol specification document.

No further releases of our MMS protocol document will be posted as from now. However, we 'are' continuing with our software development. So expect further software updates as when we can manage them.

Remember, you saw it here first! Many people contributed to the project and as a result of many days (even months and years) of work, we did it!
SDP is the result of all that hard work. The first release of SDP was back in 2002, oh yes, MMS was documented enough, even back then.

So what now?
Continued software development. Free releases, new tools.. All coming along nicely - but maybe slowly.
Of course, Microsoft have now dropped MMS protocol from its media streaming servers and players. Namely, version 11 of Media Player has no MMS ability. So the focus is now on RTSP and HTTP.
SDP downloader will of course continue to support MMS, for legacy servers still in operation today, and probably will still be in operation in the next 2 to 5 years.

WE STILL NEED YOUR SUPPORT !!! Please consider making a donation (of any amount you feel right) if you use SDP Downloader. This is all we ask in return.

Thank You

Paul Wood, Software Developer UK and SDP team leader.

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