//////// SDP VERSION HISTORY ////////

lastest update 25.11.06, Version build 2.3.0

- Defaults page added to setup dialog
- Defaults action fixed, now all parameters are reset
- SDP media test site link added to Help tab

Version build 2.2.0
- Internal SDP player has been removed, now we just use Windows Media Player for all previews.
- Error: "SDP Main App: internal error reading status bar type" resolved during certain MMS fail conditions.
- Live ASF recording glitches fixed during certain download conditions.
- Latest Error Codes updated.

Version build 2.1.0
- new MSI 32 bit installer package
- minor changes to the SDP panel layouts, a few silly bug fixes.
- changes to registery entries, allow non administrator users to install SDP.
- 32 bit compilation, still not 64 bit but should at least execute now.
- dlls now included as part of the stand alone exe file, less to go wrong!

From version 2.0.0, this update is minor, simply to allow 32 and 64 bit machines to install SDP properly.
There have been so many issues with the old 16 bit installer that we had to at least update
the installer package to 32 bit. 64 bit machines 'should' also work. Let us know.

Version build 2_0_0 (complete new design and feel)
Code re-structured with a new inter thread class code messaging system
New network traffic monitor added
UDP streaming is now supported with better error correction
HTTP 1.0 streaming protocol is now also supported
HTTP progressive downloading support (a simple http download - not streamed)
Full HTTP and MMS proxy support
Time offset start for seeking into large media files when starting
New circular buffer class updated for better internal packet receiving
New ASF payload parser class code follows all rules of v1.0 (as per MS spec)
New Info dialog box showing far better detail than in previous versions
Because now MS server version 9 does not use the 'number of packets' field in MMS 06
command data, the number of packets value is now read from the ASF header only.
This allows the progress bar to continue working with v9 servers.
Also, resuming sessions now use the time point value to seek into the media
rather than the packet number which is disabled in V9 servers!.
The Readme help file is now compressed into a package and is veiwed
as a .HTML file using your default internet browser
Newly added SDP website link in help tab.
Log files are now displayed with default Notepad editor rather than the log window.
The log format has now changed to standard .txt format, some old log files
may loose their carrage returns with this new improved log method.
The type .txt extension is now used for logs (.log has now gone).
New command 20 support for 'change media', auto track downloads on demand
All .wav done sounds removed - no bleeps or 'done wavs'.
We now have our own custom class code for all WM protocols and sockets
VCR style timer added for scheduled download sessions
Support of both Windows Media Player and SDP Media Player in preview mode
Seek bar now enabled by using an index object for WM players 7.0 and higher
Batch .asx play list downloading now supported up to 50 locations at a time
New ASX parser reads redirector files and remote locations upto 1 level of nesting

version build 1_8_0
Header objects now download correctly for very large and
fragmented headers better than before.
MMS command and media packet failures now dump their data to the log for debugging
** Resume bug with latest server version 9.0
date: 02.10.02

version build 1_7_9
Speed button operation improved.
Errorcode handling modified to close the connection 'before' showing message.
HTTP password dialog added to replace the old message box password and ID input.
Much of the save dialog and open dialog parsing has been upgraded meaning
long file names with DRM data are now displayed as a short filenames.
Entered URL syntax is now much more robust.
Player version updated, now shows a tidy filename without extentions.
General source code clean up - well over due.
The done wav sound can now be disabled
SDP Setup dialog updated
The MMS command handler core code now closes if an unhandled command is received,
this is to aid debugging.
0x1B command error checking disabled, it has been noticed that a server can send
error codes during the 1B ack command even when there is no error. To stop
disconnection, this command is now error checking disabled. Could be a server
fault and is quite rare, but we fixed it anyway. Media player does not seem to
have this problem.
date: 29.09.02

version build 1_7_8
Updated time code locate parser, this was to fix for
'packet length explicit' parsing in the ASF code rules
Live update also repaired, Number of Packets 0xffffffff can also
read the value 0x00000000 for a live stream . All changes made to code
LIVESTREAM and PRERECORDEDSTREAM flags added from 06 command
function DumpData added for debugging
More errorcodes added
date: 17.09.02

version build 1_7_7
This version has an option for sending the 'Host' parameter in
the command 01 to server. Its assumed this is only used for
proxy servers and should be disabled for normal operation
More errorcodes added
date: 11.05.02

version build 1_7_6
This version has the FlashWindowEx function call removed for
compatability with NT operating systems. The flash window was
not important anyway.
And all new current ErrorCode values were updated

version build 1_7_5
A recompiled version of 1.7.0, exactly the same functionality
except recompiled for Pentium Pro processors. Some faster machines
had problems using lower 486 compilations. From now on, all
compliations should be set to the fastest CPU option available

version build 1_7_0
The first version (anywhere in the world) to have MMS password
authorisation enabled. Log file saving and retrieval, speed
buttons added to main control panel

version build 1_6_0
Major re-write from 1.5 This is the first version to have multiple
ASX play lists, registry setting memory, a preview monitor,
log file printing, both local and networked ASX redirector files.
Files are now opened from the FILE->OPEN dialog rather than cut
and paste into a URL window and a new look control panel